Dear farmers
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A few words about us to those who don’t know us…
GANMORE LTD was established in 1997 in Rosh Pina, a village in the Upper Galilee by farmers and for farmers.

GANMORE LTD specializes in the development and selling of world leading fertilization and nourishment products and its sole purpose is to promote and improve the agriculture produce by strengthening the plant and providing it proper nourishment which will also decrease the impact of disease and pesticides on the plant’s growth.

As a direct result of experience, a long history of our knowledge of farmers needs and with the understanding that the world of plant protection is continuously evolving, we are working all the time to develop and selling of new products.

These products offer practical solutions which improve the plants survival chances and as a result contribute to the creation of quality crops with maximum quantity.

Our products are manufactured by well-known companies in the field of Agro-chemistry from countries such as: France, Germany, Spain and Italy.

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